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Saturday, January 4, 2014

More Scotty’s Castle

As there wasn’t a whole lot going on around here today I will tell you some more about Scotty.  Scotty became a legend, riding with Buffalo Bill, then touting his non-existent gold mine and finally bragging about the castle he was building in Death Valley.  All this notoriety brought total strangers to the Death Valley Ranch (its real name) where they were entertained by the Johnsons’ and Scotty.  The truth was, Scotty didn’t even live at the “castle.”  Albert Johnson built Scotty a little cabin on another ranch about 4 miles away where he could partake in the pass times he enjoyed and the Johnsons’ didn’t allow—drinking, card playing, etc.

To entertain his guests Albert Johnson built a music room--

IMG_9760IMG_9762 This little instrument could be used to play the chimes in the clock tower-IMG_9705

The Johnsons’ began to have so many guests, another music room was built as an addition to the house and Albert purchased a $25,000 Welte organ—the organ could be played by an organist or by using paper music rolls.  Our guide let us hear two songs from the organ—totally delightful!!IMG_9781IMG_9782


IMG_9775Can you tell we enjoyed our tour immensely???

We are leaving here on Monday and Michael wanted to fill the motorhome with both diesel and propane so we went for a little drive this morning.  Back home I did a load of laundry in my little Splendide washer/dryer—it dries now, I am so thrilled!!  Ms. Emmi got to take us for several walks and tonight the cowboy took me out to dinner.  Pretty good day I would say!  Oh, and the cowboy changed out our propane regulator. 


  1. oh how I loved that Organ at Scotty's Castle. Actually I loved it all and am so looking forward to going back again someday

  2. Sounds like Michael is enjoying being kept busy... much nicer than just sitting in Florida feeling that he is wasting a winter?

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. Gregg just left, so we have an empty RV lot over here, Hurry over.....No strings attached!! Safe Travels!!

  4. Such a wonderful tour. I do love that organ. Glad Emmi was able to do her job.

  5. Quite the characters it took to travel, live and to build anything during those very early years sin Death Valley. Interesting place!

    Safe journey on your next travel leg.

  6. That guy sure must have had a lot of money to buy all that stuff for the castle. It's amazing they were even able to get that big pipe organ all the way out to Death Valley without smashing it to bits.


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