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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We Drive and We Drive

We enjoyed a very easy morning, sleeping in later than normal, drinking coffee, surfing the internet.  It’s a good thing this park has good wi-fi, our aircard isn’t working so well even with the booster! 

After breakfast and packing a lunch we were off.  The cowboy and I love to look at property in areas we like—Pahrump, NV was not one of them—Kingman, AZ is one area we like.  Mountains, trees and yes it is a little cooler than other parts of Arizona but I can live with 60 degrees and sunshine in January!  Miles and miles of ATV trails.  The historic downtown is really cool—a great visitors center and museum.  There are lots of restaurants—we had some really good burgers at Mr. D’s today and I resisted having a milkshake!  There are FOUR grocery stores, Home Depot, Wal Mart, Petsmart, etc.  There is even a quilt shop which I used the “despicable app” to find —I wasn’t impressed but it will do in a pinch!

Back at the RV park we discovered the water was shut off—seems they were repairing a leak—it wasn’t long before it was back on and we were in business. 

IMG_9818See the size of our site—nice! 

Before we left Montana Google+ starting backing up ALL my photos on this laptop—that’s a LOT of photos and every morning I would get this little message—“946 (or some number) photos left to backup”—if I inadvertently started this nightmare, I don’t know how I did it.  After reading the blog, Technomadia’s most recent post, I decided to check the usage on our aircard and was surprised to see how much we had used since leaving home.  I was puzzled and wondered if the Google+ auto backup feature was doing it—every time I loaded photos to Picasa, Google+ would auto-backup those photos.  I looked everywhere on Google for instructions on how to disable this and came up empty handed—seems it is common for Google+ to auto backup photos on androids and iPhones but not computers. 

So, I checked with my computer expert, Rick—he also had never heard of Google+ doing backup on computers, just phones but he sent me a few things to check—none of those suggestions worked and he offered to do some more checking for me.  So tonight I turned on the computer after being gone all day and there was this screen telling me Google+ was going to do a back-up and I saw RED!!!  So, I did another Google search—I had all ready done one a couple days ago but found only the phone disable instructions—and up popped this forum of irate people cursing Google+ for installing software on their computers without their knowledge.

Yep, software—and whether or not Google+ is doing it without the knowledge of computer owners, I have no idea—I could have inadvertently clicked somewhere telling Google+ it was OK to do so BUT, you can bet I went straight to my Control Panel and deleted that there software!  Done! 

And that’s it for our day in sunny Arizona!


  1. We have friends in Kingman and yes it is a beautiful city. Enjoy and let us know when you're heading south!!!

  2. Janna mine backs photos up automaticallybtoo Whst did you vlick on the control panelbto stop this

    1. Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features, Google+, Uninstall

  3. looks like a very large site!! enjoy the warmth, I am sure it is still cold back at home!!

  4. We have friends in the Kingman area too.... nice area. Glad you found a quilt shop, even if they don't offer much. I patronize one who orders whatever I want. Helps support a small business that way.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. I asked Rick this morning if he would do a pros and cons blog about Google+ Auto Backup for photos. I got a message about it when I installed a Picasa update. I declined at the time because I just wasn't sure what it would do. Guess I'm glad I did.


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