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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Monday Goes By

We were at home yesterday—it was 7 degrees when we got up so my dear husband decided that treadmill in our bedroom didn’t look so uninviting after all—I was proud of him!  I used the treadmill too for exercise until late afternoon when it warmed up to a whopping 17 degrees—then we took Emmi for a short walk!  I snapped this photo quickly as we were hiking along—too cold to stop and take photos!


Today we were at Lonn and LoraLee’s for most of the day.  Katie made some delicious shredded beef for dinner—very good!  With all the food over there, it is easy just to snack the day away—thus the need for the treadmill! 

We are not normally in Montana for the month of January—our driveway is a solid sheet of ice requiring us to put chains on the four wheel drive diesel pickup in order to get up and down the driveway!!!  We flagged down our UPS man, Bill, today and told him not to even attempt coming up the driveway—he can leave any packages in the lower shed and we will retrieve them later.

IMG_9858Costco must raise bigger chickens Smile!  Big Timber IGA egg on the left, Costco egg on the right.


  1. Maybe Costco pay their chickens more!

    Keep warm!

  2. Brrrrr!! But we were almost as cold as you for a high today. 23 degrees here in the deep South.

  3. I thought at first you got a double yolk egg....

  4. Not too many warm places in our country right now. My poor mother never did get down for her visit. Her flight was cancelled four days in a row. We'll try again in late Feb.

    Continuing to pray for your family.

  5. Sure looks cold there, keep yourselves warm.

  6. Everything comes in a bigger package at Costco it seems. Brrrr......I can only imagine trying to get up and down a long driveway on a sheet of ice.

  7. One saving grace is that your motor home is not suffering in the Montana cold. Safely stored at Dogpound South, it is not requiring chains to roll up that slick icy driveway at home.

  8. Only you would think to compare egg yolk sizes! :)

  9. I don't blame you on comparing yolk sizes... I wouldn't have thought Costco would be so much bigger... Try and stay warm.... Rod


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