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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where Did The Day Go

I'm not sure what we did today but the morning flew by and all of a sudden it was a quarter to 12 and Mom and I did not have lunch ready for Nat and Michael.

This is a photo I took on our walk this morning, the fall colors are starting to appear. In the past we had a small herd of elk that would appear in the neighbor's hayfield above our house in the fall. We could hear them bugling in the late evening and early morning. When the wolf lovers re-introduced the wolves to Montana, the elk disappeared. This morning early when Michael took Emmi out he heard an elk bugle.

After lunch we got a wild hair and decided to go cut firewood. Michael loaded up the chain saws and off we went up the East Boulder. We got a very nice trailer load of firewood without too much trouble, now we are all relaxing including Emmi.

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