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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Surprise Evening

What happened to the morning, the first thing I know it is time to start lunch for Nat and Michael!

I did a little cleaning in the motor home in preparation for our trip next weekend but that's about it for the day!

My friend Nancy has those Aero Gardens--you can grow herbs, lettuce and a variety of other things in the winter under grow lights. I first read about them on a blog I follow, Patchwork Times. When at Nancy and Geoff's for dinner one night I noticed she had a couple of the gardens all planted. One of her gardens stopped working and she offered it to me knowing that Michael can fix anything. Well, he did fix it very easily and I think I better offer it back to Nancy! It just seems so cool to be able to grow stuff like lettuce in the middle of the winter!

Hasn't Emmi grown a lot???

When I went up to Nancy's to get the Aero Garden this afternoon she invited me to go to Big Timber for a trunk showing at Cinnabar Creek--our friend and neighbor Shirley was going too. We had a great time and I found a fabulous jacket and made good use of my birthday gift certificate from Nat. After all that shopping we went to Chives for dinner--great fun.
Back up the Boulder dodging all the deer--a very pleasant evening with good friends.

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  1. Trunk showing? hmmm wonder what that is all about..... Kelly


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