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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Airport and a Smokey Evening

The first year in a long time in which we haven't had smoke from summer forest fires and the USFS decides to do a controlled burn. About 7pm the wind changed and our little valley just filled with smoke--our eyes are burning, that's how heavy it is. The burn is being conducted in the area where friends Ellie and Dortha and my sister Ann and her husband Danny and I hiked this summer. Wish the wind would change in the other direction!

Smokey sunset.
Can't hardly see our mountains for the smoke.
Today Mom and I went to Billings to pick up friend Mary at the airport. We got the oil changed in Mom's car, did a little grocery shopping and went to a store to pick out part of a surprise for a friend from Holland who is having a baby. During all this Michael kept calling and sending me here and there for parts and pieces to fix the Explorer. I visited an auto salvage/junkyard today and sorry Geoff, I wasn't impressed. The part I picked up there was over 5 feet long--OK, we are in Mom's Camary--had to put one side of the back seat down and slide it through. Then we picked up paint. I still had Costco to go and Mary's suitcase. We were one packed little Camary on the way home but we made it.
We enjoyed a wonderful supper and visit.

Mom and friend Mary who is going to ride back to Arkansas with Mom.

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