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Monday, September 21, 2009

Frost on the Pumpkin

BRRR--a chilly 28 degrees this morning and frost! When we took our walk and the clouds moved to reveal the mountains, we saw snow on the mountain peaks.

Lonn called early this morning and made Michael an offer he couldn't refuse. The owners of the ranch Lonn manages are building Lonn and LoraLee a new home. The house they currently occupy and many of the older outbuildings are being torn down. There are 4 working garage doors and openers in one of those buildings--we could have the doors in exchange for removing them. That's where Michael has been all day! I have a homemade pizza in the oven--he is probably going to be very tired.
I spent some of the day working on my bear quilt and it is finally finished. I started that quilt two years ago when Nat had his heart surgery. It looks great--I will post photos when I get it on the bed tomorrow.
After lunch Barb came up and finished her quilt that was on the frame and began to get another one ready for quilting.
Emmi's friends went home this morning via Michael and I think she is glad to once again be the only child. She was filthy so a bath was in her morning.

Emmi chased poor Spunky relentlessly all weekend as if to say, "I know I can catch that fluffy tail, I know I can." This morning she was successful in catching the tail and pulling it earning her a well deserved snap from Spunky.

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