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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Got To Quilt Today

Forgot to say yesterday that I picked almost 2 full ice cream buckets of chokecherries. In the spring we thought we were going to have a bumper crop but something happened--frost, too much rain, who knows but we have very few chokecherries. So, I was lucky to get as many as I did. I am going to make jelly.

Early this morning after our walk I finished washing the rest of the windows in the house--all done, YEA!

Then, I headed down to the quilt studio (calling an unfinished basement room a studio is probably stretching it but oh well) and by the end of the day I finally had my bear quilt stitching all ripped out, the borders taken off and replaced since I put a couple of holes in the borders while ripping and the quilt reloaded back on the longarm machine. I am ready to quilt now, just have to figure out what to stitch--didn't like the first stitching, thus all the ripping so I am going to be very selective this time!

Michael got the radiator back in the motor home late this afternoon--none of the pipes are hooked up but it is bolted back in. It fit!

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