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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Michael spent the day getting caught up on various projects--he finished working on the motor home and parked it back in its spot. He sawed into firewood the boards his Dad had made when using the sawmill to cut lumber. But the best think of all--he made the VW run again and thinks he may have solved the problem!! It still needs work--the blinkers don't work, the driver side door handle won't open the door from the outside, etc. but at least it runs!

I spent the day quilting again. I was going to make several batches of the carmel apple jam but discovered I didn't have any brown sugar.

Yesterday I went to town to meet Ellen for lunch--she was treating me for my birthday. It was wonderful to visit with her--she has been in Seattle since May and it was good to see her.

Friday evening we joined all the other friends and neighbors at Nancy and Geoff's for dinner. George and Shirley have been gone most of the summer to their condo on Vancouver Island fishing. So, for dinner they provided salmon--it was delicious! Robyn and Claire and Boo and Terry were also there--a great evening! Emmi also got to go along and she behaved herself. George and Shirley's dog, Cedar, was not impressed with her at all!

I took appetizers to the party last night and Jim and Ellie's habenaro/peach jelly was a hit!

We are over run with grasshoppers and Emmi has added them to her diet--UGH!

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  1. Happy belated Birthday Janna...We are glad you liked the Peachanero Jelly:) and hope you get your projects tied up in time to head south before you get snowed on...Hugs Jim & Ellie


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