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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Official, Fall Is Here

It was 30 degrees this morning and we had a light frost down by the creek--I think we can officially say that fall is here. It warmed up to a glorious 75 degrees this afternoon, a beautiful day.

Michael decided to take the VW to town to pick up his motor home parts. He made it all the way to town and back to our driveway before it died. He also ordered some more parts for the VW while he was in town. The rest of the day he worked on the motor home, got the leaking hydraulic pump fixed and is now working on putting insulation all around the engine compartment--there used to be insulation there but it has fallen off over the years.

I spent the day quilting--got two rows done on my bear quilt in between baby sitting Emmi. She is getting more and more self sufficient and is just starting to go to the door to let us know she wants out.

All the ranchers are cutting their second and last hay crop of the season.
Isn't that the sweetest face?
My quilting helper--lots of help isn't she??

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