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Monday, September 7, 2009

A Birthday Party and A Wreck

Yesterday morning we all took a hike around our usual path and then Ann and I decided to pick some more chokecherries--got another couple of ice cream buckets full. Jill's Nutri-Steamer worked well again and we got 2 quarts of juice to make more jelly. The rest of the morning was spent cooking for the picnic we had planned for today.

About 2pm we headed out for the annual Reedpoint, MT Sheep Drive. Many years ago one of the 100 people in Reedpoint decided that if Montana could have a centennial cattle drive then why couldn't Reedpoint have a sheep drive. The drive caught national attention and an article even appeared in the Wall Street Journal about an earlier sheep drive. There are vendors, an auction to raise money and the sheep drive. The proceeds from the event support community projects as there is no city government or budget. Danny and Ann enjoyed their first ever sheep drive!

After the sheep drive we all went to Nat's house in town to freshen up and drop off Emmi. Then it was on to Steve and Jeane's for my birthday party that Jeane was so gracious to host for me. I have the bestest friends! It was a great party, good friends, wonderful food--even a birthday cake! We had a wonderful time--thank you so much Jeane!

Steve, Arch and Michael.

Jill on the left, Jeane in the middle and Jeane's daughter Jordan on the right.
Terry, Mark and Gwen

Deb and Jill

Danny and Ann

Today, my birthday, we went to Yellowstone Park to meet Mom and Chuck for a picnic. What a wonderful birthday weekend I have had! Present, phone calls and cards! The park was wonderful today, not as crowded as the summer, cooler weather and a spectacular picnic even if I did make some of the food!
Danny and Ann had decided to get a hotel room near the Bozeman airport for tonight instead of getting up at 3am to make their 7:30 flight tomorrow morning. We were on our way to Bozeman, going up the Bozeman pass when we hear Danny say loudly, "There's a deer and he is going---" WHAM! There was another car in the passing lane, Michael had no where to go and we hit the deer dead center with the front of the car. The front of the Explorer is a mess! But no one was hurt except the deer, the air bags did not go off and we got Danny and Ann to their hotel and we are home.
An exciting end to a great time of visiting with my sister Ann and her husband Danny.

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  1. What... no picture of the birthday girl? awwww

    Really sorry to hear about the deer encounter.


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