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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bears, Hiking, Jelly and Apples

Last night when it started to get dusk we walked over to the ravine near our house to look for bears. All four of us were sure the critter we saw making the bushes move was a bear eating chokecherries. Nope, when the critter finally showed herself, she was a big black cow!

This morning after breakfast Danny, Ann and I took off for a hike--the same hike I did with Tammy and with Ellie and Dortha this summer. A nice, less than 3 mile easy hike. We got back just in time to fix lunch for Nat and Mike who had been working on the motor home again. I made a sour cream pound cake that is to die for--YUM! We had that with fresh strawberries for dessert.

After lunch Ann and I decided to make chokecherry jelly from the juice I made the other day. We got 12 half pints of jelly--it is such a pretty deep red color.

The other day on Judy's blog she had a recipe for carmel apple jam and I wanted to try it. Our friends and neighbors Russ and Eileen had lots of apples and said we could have some. We went over this afternoon with a bucket and a ladder and picked apples--tomorrow we will try the jam recipe.

Sunset last night while we were "bear" watching.
Danny and Ann on our hike this morning.

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  1. That is a Barnes' girls vacation, working. I am so glad you are having a good time. Tell Danny and Ann, we miss them.


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