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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Art Walk and Dinner

Yesterday Michael puttered with the Explorer most of the day. Lonn and LoraLee decided to be gone for the weekend and we offered to keep their two small dogs at our house. They have four other dogs (yes, 6 dogs) , the Bichon puppy went with LoraLee and the 3 cow dogs stayed home, thus we got the two in between ones, Zip, a Schnauzer mix and Spunky, a Pomeranian. Emmi is one exhausted puppy tonight--she has chased and chased until the other two dogs are sick of her.

Last night we went to Big Timber for the Art Walk--a cooperative art gallery has opened in Big Timber, a donor bought the gallery a building and it is a very elegant place for such a small town as ours. We stopped in at the other stores and galleries that were open, too.

Dinner was at the new restaurant again, Chives. It was a very unusual September night, we ate outside and it was still warm at 9pm. We were a big group, Geoff & Nancy, Terry, Jill and their young adult children--Kerri, Fritz and his new wife Amy. Steve and Jeane completed our group. We had a marvelous dinner and such a good time visiting we almost forgot to go home! But, Emmi was waiting at Nat's so home we went.

Today I was determined to get that bear quilt finished and on the bed in the motor home but fate intervened! We needed to go over to Lonn and LoraLee's to check on the cow dogs, horses, etc. and took the VW. On the way home it died--friends stopped by and picked me up and took me home. I was on my way back with the truck when Michael drove by in the VW. Another friend stopped by and had an air compressor so he could blow out the gas line--worked like a charm. That VW is starting to get on my last nerve!

So, now we are relaxing, Emmi is sleeping as are the other two dogs.

No photos tonight, Blogger is having an attack of some sort.

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