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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, Peaceful Sunday

We started out on our walk this morning to beautiful, clear blue skies and absolutely no wind. Fifteen minutes later, gale force wind which continued until dusk. Mike has been saying we might as well be back in Big Timber, MT where our home is located--the wind blows there all the time. But at least it isn't snowing.
We spent a lot of time today researching weather on the internet in "warm" locations such as Florida, California, and Arizona. Yuma, AZ has the warmest temperatures and the most sunshine but there are more scenic places in the US for sure!
I practiced the flute for a while and learned that you cannot play a flute outside in a wind storm; the wind takes the notes away.
I finished machine quilting "stippling" the pieces to a handbag I am creating. When you are "stippling" you are controlling the speed and length of the stitches and it is very hard to get it just right. This is the first piece I have been brave enough to try stippling. It turned out well if I do say so myself!
Jazz spent the day outside on a lounge chair,
talking to all the dogs that dared to wander by
her RV site. It is such a joy to us that she is so
much better.
The photo at the right is of the Fort Huachuca Army Base surveillance blimp. It is
also our wind indicator; when we see the blimp
up, it usually indicates that the wind is not
going to blow as hard.
I have had a Canon Powershot S2IS camera for 3 or so years and we are talking of getting a digital with interchangable lenses. The Canon takes very nice photos but it would be great to get some even better closeups with a stronger telephoto lense. Some of our new friends we met this year have awesome cameras with mega lenses for bird watching photographs.

Today was a beautiful, restful Sunday, the way Sunday's are supposed to be.
Arizona Sunset

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