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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Out of the Tin TeePee into the Log Home

It is so good to be home. While we love to be out in the RV, we also love to come home and I guess that says we are not ready to fulltime although by the time I get that RV unloaded, I think I will be wishing I was fulltime!
We made it home Monday afternoon after stopping in Bozeman, MT and buying out Costco to restock the cupboards. We also stopped in town and visited with Nat, Michael's 85 year old father. Jazz was so glad to see him and he her--he has been very worried about his "little black friend," as he calls her.
Everything in the house works, no water leaks or other disasters. Our little creek is running, the horses look great and the weather is wonderful for today--70 degrees and sunny. It is spring in Montana and as you can tell from the photos, it is a little bleak still. We have the beginnings of green grass and buds on the trees but we won't really be warm until the end of May.
A squirrel has taken up residence with us, hanging out on my bird feeder literally! The bird feeder hangs out over the creek on a wire to keep it away from the bears in the summer but the squirrel is smarter; he climbs a little tree next to the feeder and helps himself to lunch! Today, we had our first Cassin's Finch--we saw lots of them in AZ and we usually have a flock that hangs out here in the summer time. Our resident Downy Woodpecker visited today, too. We also are expecting our little Lazuli Buntings, they arrive every year between May 1 and May 15.
We made many, many trips from the RV to the house today and both of us are exhausted. Michael also went over to the ranch his son manages and helped him with a water pump problem so it will be early to bed for both of us tonight!
Our Log Home, notice there are no leaves on the trees, yet
Cassin's Finch
This is what spring looks like in Montana, notice the snow covered mountains and the lingering snow drift!
Downy Woodpecker

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