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Sunday, April 6, 2008

There's gold or silver or something in those hills

We took our long walk again today and we have noticed that some of the rocks along the edges of the road are shiny and glittery. Mike decided to pack some of the rocks back to the RV today and as I had to carry the backpack at times, I weighed it when we got back--20 pounds of rocks!! No wonder my back hurts!
We walked far enough again today to reach the oasis. We climbed down to the river bed to take some photos. Such a pleasant place!
We saw two small whitetail deer and several jackrabbits. This desert is so different than the desert around Tucson, much drier and brown here. There are not as many cactus, only these terrible bushes covered in evil thorns.
Our friends that fulltime, Linda and Jim, invited us over for late lunch/early dinner today. Linda is a great cook and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously as usual when we spend time with them.
Blogger is not working well tonight, we will post photos later.

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