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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pinaleno Mountains

In Montana, we live 22 miles from anything (no grocery store, no gas station, etc.) and we like to be private and quiet. We have always meant to boondock as you are usually in more scenic, private and quiet places; it just seemed that hookups were always convenient. So, this year, we have been scoping out places to boondock. When we traveled over to Portal from the Chiricahua National Monument last week, we found great places to camp but that area may be a little too high in elevation for a January stay. Today we took a road trip to Safford and went up into the Pinaleno Mountains. One of the roads was much too steep and had too many tight switchbacks to haul the rig up. It was beautiful up there as the attached photos show. We even encountered snow--yes, snow in Arizona! The other road has some great boondocking spots if you can get over the fact that just down the road is a federal prison!
The wind blew so hard today, the mountains and valleys were hazy with dust, even obscuring the mountains at times. But we all had a great time, even Jazz.

Slithery critter
Snow in Arizona!
Us in the Pinaleno Mountains
Arizona creek, a rare site
View from the top, see how dusty the valley looks?

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