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Friday, April 4, 2008

Off to Tucson

Janna, Mike & Jazz in Montana in
November before we headed south.

Thought we would post a photo to get started with this blogging business. More photos to come!

We took a walk in the desert this morning, shorter than we normally do because we were headed to Tucson. We did see a bright red cardinal and lots of those scurrying lizards.

Our little dog, Jazz has been very ill this winter and we still do not have a firm diagnosis. About a week ago, the veterinarian thought she could have a "protozoal infection." We are probably grasping at straws but it does make sense. In layman's terms, it means she could have a disease from eating birds and mice, yes she is a dog, not a cat, but when she hears a bird hit the window at home and she is outside, her first thought is "oh yea, a playmate." Of course the poor bird doesn't survive the play! The vet started her on a heavy dose of antibiotics and continued her steriods. She improved significantly over the week following the start of the antibiotics.

Thus, our reason for going to Tucson today was to get more medication for Jazz. We made the Costco run of course and had late lunch/early dinner. And because we had to go to Tucson, Janna took that opportunity to get a haircut at her favorite place.

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