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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

High Spirit Flutes and Wind

Yesterday and today have been very windy, rocking the RV. It is also cooler than it has been in days and today was cloudy, something you don't see very often this time of year in AZ. We were just lazy yesterday, laundry, computer work and in the evening we had pizza with our neighbors from Colorado, Troy and Sandy, who will be heading back to snow country Thursday morning.

Today, we took a long walk in the desert first thing, had an early lunch then took a drive over to Patagonia, AZ. On Saturday while I was sitting outside, I began to hear this beautiful flute music, so peaceful and pleasant. Mike was in the RV and heard it too. We asked Troy and Sandy if they heard it, and yes, Sandy was the musician! She showed us her flute and told us she purchased it in Patagonia from High Spirits Flutes. They make Native American style flutes from a variety of woods such as cedar and walnut with different ornamentation and in different keys. Sandy does not read music but was making beautiful sounds! The location of High Spirits Flutes gives pause when you are driving up to it--dirt road, mobile home, shipping containers but their staff and flutes are awesome. The young man who helped us was knowledgeable and assisted us in choosing a flute in the key of "A". It came with an instructional DVD and song book. Now, we will see if Janna can make music with it!

The area around Patagonia is beautiful; mountains, live oak trees and some evergreens. The town has a population of 818 and has a busy little downtown area. We came back through Sierra Vista and purchased a few groceries.
A Little Practice!
Jazzy was cold this morning!
The Jazzy girl is improving greatly each day. She even got a toy from her stash and wanted Sandy to play with her today--what a beautiful day!

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  1. Great picture of Jazz! What a cutie she is. And what a relief that she's feeling better. I hope that continues! Good luck with the flute.

    I hope your friends make it ok back to Colorado. We've delayed two days to miss the snow - hopefully!

    Safe Travels,


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