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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Groceries and Poor Jazz

I was to have given a friend a computer using lesson today and her husband and Michael were going for a motorcycle ride. We got up this morning to very cool temperatures and the usual, constant wind so we decided to postpone all activities until Friday.
Because I had some free time, I went to Sierra Vista on a mission. I would love to have something new to wear but I think my credit card is safe if all clothes in stores look like the ones I saw today. I ended up buying 2 plain t-shirts at Target. The next stop after Target was the grocery store. I stocked up on loads of junk food because starting Saturday afternoon, we will have 2 hungry teenagers accompanying us. Michael was glad to see all the junk food, we have been trying to diet and lose some of the winter weight we both have gained, so the teenagers are giving us a short reprieve.
We will leave Tombstone, gratefully, on Saturday and hope that our next destination does not have this incessant wind. Diamond J RV Park in Tucson will store the rig for us and we pick the granddaughter and her friend Brittany up at the airport Saturday afternoon and head for the beach at Puerto Penasco for 3 days.
Poor Jazz, she absolutely has always hated a bath and today was no exception but we got it done and she looks and smells so much better--she is not convinced. She is improving so much, she is walking over 2 miles every day and eating like a horse.
Michael accomplished a chore he meant to do while we were in Mexico, he built a bracket under the front of the RV to hold the spare tire that used to ride on the back bumper until the motorcycle started riding back there. He was quiet proud of his job and I was glad he finally got it done! He has moved that tire in and out of the storage compartment many times this winter.
All in all, it was a great day.

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  1. I just had to comment that it's wonderful to read about Jazz's improvement! Her attitude about bathing is just like Mr. BJ and our Jazz. They look at me with those big, sad eyes when they get their baths! I also have to agree about the clothes these days! Have fun in Mexico!


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