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Saturday, April 5, 2008


Isn't it amazing that even when you live in a tin teepee, you have to clean. A little laundry, vacuum, clean, change sheets, etc.
We took a long walk this morning, there is a great path on the other side of the road from this campground. There is a concrete tunnel under the road and then a path leads to an abandoned railroad bed that follows the Babocomari River. At times as you are walking you can see and hear water in the river. We walked far enough today that we came to what used to be the bridge over this river; it is now gone and you cannot walk any farther without climbing down into the river bed. At the old bridge, there is a small Arizona oasis--pools, small waterfalls, rocks and water. It was such a pleasant surprise. So nice and green.
There is a good size palo verde tree at our campsite and we had two hummingbirds arguing with each other in the tree today.
We enjoyed an extended happy hour this afternoon with our neighbors, they are from Colorado.
Life is good.

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  1. Yes, those chores seem to follow us no matter what, don't they? Your walk sounded really beautiful, I'd like to find that spot. Maybe someday. Keep writing your blog, you have a great writing style! See ya' down the road,


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