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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Breezy Day

The wind has blown gale force for the last three days. It starts up about 9am and doesn't stop blowing until after dark. I worry that little Jazz may take off like a kite! Hopefully tomorrow it will let up.
Mike visited by phone for a long time with his son and daughter-in-law. They live near us in Montana and are calving and have lots of snow and mud.
We took a long walk again out into the desert on our favorite trail down to the oasis we discovered. Mike is still gathering glittery rocks, if we weren't overweight when we came out here, we sure will be on the way home!
After lunch we drove over to a RV dealership in Huachuca City hoping to look at toy hauler fifth wheels. We can't make up our minds whether or not to keep our 8 year old rig or to upgrade. Maybe when we find the perfect rig, that will make the decision for us-HA! This dealership had ONE 5th wheel toy hauler, it had no slides and was used, so I guess we are keeping the old Alumascape for now!
Janna practiced the flute a lot today and has gotten it to sound like a flute most of the time. I also practiced my machine quilting techniques--when I watch experienced quilters do stippling it looks so easy, not!
Our RV park is starting to look a little lonely, all the winter visitors are starting to pull out and head north.
A great, relaxed day!

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