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Friday, April 4, 2008

Tin TeePee time is almost over

Why do we want a blog?? Is the answer: "cause everybody else has one?" or "we think we have something to say?" No, probably we are doing it because we thought it would be something fun and entertaining to do while retired. After a few weeks of blogging, we will let you know if our reason has changed!
The reason behind the blog name--several years ago, Janna and Jazz (the miniature Schnauzer) convinced Mike to purchase a recreational vehicle (Jazz refers to it as her private dog house), much against his better judgment and we have never looked back. We started traveling south to Arizona in 2003 in a small, no slide fifth wheel. The next year, we graduated to a longer fifth wheel with one slide and the following year, we really moved uptown to a Holiday Rambler Alumascape 34 foot fifth wheel with three slides. Mike has always referred to RV's as tin teepees: "I wouldn't have one of those tin teepees." When his daughter-in-law, LoraLee found out he had purchased a tin teepee, she found it hard to let him forget his earlier remarks. When we are not enjoying the warm weather in Arizona, we spend the rest of our time in a log home in a beautiful mountainous region of Montana.
Every fall, we can't wait to get moving in our RV out of Montana winter. About this time of year, we can't wait to get moving back toward Montana and that log home in spite of the fact it is still cold and snowing there. So, our tin teepee time is almost over for now.

Yesterday, we toured the Kartchner Caverns near Benson, AZ. Oh, my!! We took jackets as we rode the motorcycle over and expected to need those jackets in the cave--not! Neither of us had ever been in a cave that was warm and humid, very humid. The cave was discovered in 1974 by two cavers. These two cavers kept the cave's discovery secret for 14 years, fearing vandals would destroy it. The cave has been preserved meticulously to allow it to go on being a "live" cave. The sights were breathtaking, huge stalagmites, stalactites, columns and soda straws. Great care has been taken to allow visitors to see this wonder and to also preserve it.

Isn't life great??

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