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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Arizona Critters

We saw critters today on our hike, some in the distance and some way too close. We usually pack the camera along but today of all days, we left it behind. Just as we started out, we saw a coyote slinking through the mesquite. As we walked along the abandoned railroad bed near the river, we got way too close to a rattlesnake stretched out across the trail. He ignored us, thankfully and never coiled. Mike and I had to calm our hearts and catch our breath before we could continue our hike--YIKES!
It was another very hot and WINDY day in Arizona, we are looking forward to our trip north, soon.
Linda and Jim came over for dinner and we enjoyed our visit as usual. Linda made an awesome chocolate cake and brought ice cream which she dished up in Linda sized portions.
We received disturbing news today, a friend from last year at Lake Medina is facing serious surgery tomorrow and a young friend with whom we used to shoot has died.
Let us live life to the fullest and be grateful for our blessings.

Arizona Flower
Cactus can grow anywhere, even out of rocks

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