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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Traveling North and Boondocking

Yesterday, Saturday, we packed up and pulled out of Parhump stopping at Terrible's for breakfast and to cash in my $1.75 gambling ticket I won there on Friday (I'm a big spender gambler). We started out to make it to Wells, NV and decided on the way to try boondocking on BLM land. We found the perfect spot about 6pm, drove about 1/2 mile off the highway and parked in a grove of cedar trees with awesome views of all the mountain ranges around us covered in that nasty white stuff. After a long day in the truck, we were ready to take a walk and set out up the road toward the mountains. Jazz was in heaven, off the leash and running everywhere, smelling and doing her thing. After our walk we came back, had a great spaghetti dinner and toasted our boondocking experience with a glass of wine.
We have always talked about boondocking and had made tentative plans to do a lot of it next year while down south in warm country. We enjoyed the scenery and quiet so much last night, I am sure we will try it again.
It was a very cold 24 degrees this morning when we woke, took the furnace a long time to heat us up. We took another long walk, had breakfast and started up the road again. We were trying to make Dillon, Montana tonight. We stayed off the freeways and on back roads, much more relaxing. In Arco, ID, we saw a hillside covered in white painted rocks with the date of graduating classes. We picked out 1927 as the oldest date we could see--they have been doing that a long time, there were lots of dates up there. We took lots of rest breaks and arrived in Dillon about 5:30pm, ordered pizza delivered and relaxed with a glass of wine. There are two other miniature Schnauzers here in this RV park who used to be black and are now mostly silver. They and their owner had been in Helena, MT competing in agility trials.
We will make it home to McLeod tomorrow, we are both ready to see home but not all this white stuff!
Jazz exercising Dad on one of our rest breaks

The view from our windows while boondocking outside Wells, NV
Graduating class numbers on the side of the hill in Arco, ID

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