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Thursday, August 4, 2016

It’s Good To Be Home

We had a fabulous time this past month riding with good friends and now, it’s good to be home.  The good friends are still with us and we will do some more day rides from our house.  When we leave Michael shuts off all water coming into the house which means no lawn sprinklers.  It was very hot, dry and windy while we were gone but the lawn survived surprisingly well. 

Tuesday we traveled from Missoula to a OHV trailhead at Pipestone, Montana where it was 95 degrees—UGH!!  Tuesday night at 10pm it was still 86 degrees both outside and inside—another UGH!  This is a developed OHV area and we’ve ridden here before when we first started ATVing.  Our Honda 4-wheelers were 50 inch machines so we had no issues.  Tuesday and Wednesday we rode these trails again finding many to be 50 inch.  One couple in our group has a 60 inch RZR so 50 inch trails were out. 


A hot wind howled Tuesday night causing the Hamilton, Montana to explode growing to over 7000 acres.  The wind brought a cold front dropping the temperatures to more reasonable levels for this time of year. 

IMG_5633The Ringing Rocks are located near Pipestone and we spent some time with hammers in hand making music!

The OHV trailhead at Pipestone is a large gravel parking lot with a pit toilet just off I-90.  At 10pm Tuesday night car lights cut across the camper and someone parked near the rear of our ATV trailer.  Michael got up to look outside but couldn’t see much.  Car doors slammed several times and the pit toilet door opened and shut.  Finally all was quiet and we went to sleep.  The next morning we were surprised to see the person getting out of the late model Volvo SVU—a very attractive woman in a cute little sundress and sandals, with a dog—a German shepherd!  Brave woman to pull into a parking lot at night and sleep in her car—but then again—not many people are going to mess with a German shepherd!

After riding Wednesday morning we headed for the Boulder stopping for groceries in Livingston.  We enjoyed a group dinner in the evening and today we’ve just hung out here at home.  I worked at unloading the truck camper and doing laundry.  The rhubarb was ready when we got home and tonight we had rhubarb crisp and homemade vanilla ice cream—YUM!


More adventures to come!


  1. You're happy to be home and we're overjoyed at finally being at the campground at Canyon Ferry. We've played the ringing rocks - really a unique experience.

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  3. Glad it cooled off for you:) It has been hot everywhere!! The rhubarb crisp looks yummy:)

  4. Glad the heat and winds didn't dry you out too much - hope the cooler temps continue! Have never heard of the ringing rocks, and am so glad you shared the video or I wouldn't have understood at all!! I agree that traveling alone with a German Shepherd she probably does things she wouldn't otherwise do without it!


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