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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chair Pockets and Rain Gauges

What the heck are chair pockets???  Well I found out—granddaughter Katie and I made 30 of those things over the last two days!

 chair pocketKatie will be teaching second grade this fall, saw this pattern on the internet and enlisted the help of her grandmother—me.  Katie’s late mother, LoraLee had as all quilters do, a large fabric stash.  It was a good feeling knowing LoraLee’s fabric stash was going to a good cause!  We toiled away for two days cutting, sewing and keeping this little guy happy--


DSCN2835All done this afternoon, ready for those second graders and their chairs.  Geez times have changed—teachers spend so much of their own money supplying and decorating their classrooms—has it always been that way and I just wasn’t aware??? 

Remember this photo and my plea for identification help??

IMG_5597Well, a blog reader came through—“My husband retired from the National Weather Service and says this is a rain gauge.  It has to be above tree tops so the amount of actual rain collected is not compromised by what would fall off the trees.  The pointy things hanging off the top are wind shields to prevent the rain collecting in the gauge from being blown out before it is measured.”  Thank you so much Sharon for taking the time to send an email and thanks for reading the blog!!

The cowboy repaired our riding lawnmower then mowed the grass today—good job!  We are experiencing fantastic August weather with highs in the 70’s and no humidity (sorry Al and Kelly!)


  1. No humidity?! Sounds absolutely wonderful. Fun to see the chair pockets come to fruition after seeing the initial post from Katie on FB :-)))) We have a couple teachers in the family and it is ridiculous how much they spend from their own pockets.

  2. I love the hair! :-) We are headed to Montana on Friday. We will arrive on Saturday. Looking forward to some fishing and some sewing. We go to the western part by Flathead. Hope it is as nice there as it is at your house. The chair pockets are new to me. Very cute idea. Glad you finished them and had such a cute helper. :-) Have a great evening. K-

  3. Yes, teachers do spend a lot of money to make their classrooms "work." This can include things like markers, paper, ingredients for all sorts of projects and specialty items to help various children who cannot afford them. Even tissues are seldom supplied by the schools.

  4. Oh yes...I am quite familiar with chair pockets. I taught Kindergarten/First Grade for 34 years. Hope Katie has a great year.

  5. As a former elementary teacher, I love the chair pockets and all the colors. Hope Katie has a great year:) Good job, Janna:)

    We are all loving that someone has cool temp and no humidity. It sure isn't us!

    Interesting rain gauge. Now I will have to look for one in our travels and hikes!


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