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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Louisiana Flooding

Janet S. left this comment on a previous blog, “have you heard from Rollie & Gina are they o.k. with all the flooding in Louisiana?”  Gina and Rollie are currently in Houston but still have many family and friends affected by the horrific flooding in Denham Springs, Louisiana.  Gina and Rollie’s home is miraculously not flooded.  Their daughter Ashley and her husband Parker recently moved to Arkansas near where my family is located.  Ashley has accepted a position as a physician in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Parker is completing his residency at a nearby hospital.  Ashley appeared on an Arkansas TV station tonight appealing for donations and help for Denham Springs.  In spite of the fact Ashley has been studying hard for her internal medicine boards which she will sit for on Friday—her heart is in Louisiana.  She and her family will travel to Louisiana this coming weekend to take the donations Arkansas collects.  There is also a Facebook page, Arkansas Is Coming.  Rollie, Gina, Ashley and Parker will appreciate any and all help given to the people of Denham Springs, Louisiana.

If you haven’t seen the flooding on the news, here is a video our friend Kerri shared on Facebook:


  1. Thank you Janna...our prayers go out to the familys of Louisiana.

  2. Great blog entry Janna. Gina and I are still struggling to comprehend the devastation in Louisiana. We have lived through three floods in Louisiana and those were nothing of this magnitude. I-12 was closed for 63 miles with flooding. That is east to west. That is a very wide swath for flooding to occur. There are so many of us that have moved from Louisiana. However, it will always be our home. Our families and friends still live there and our heart aches for them. We will do any and everything we can to get them back on their feet. There has been a minimal loss of life which has been great news. Everything else can be rebuilt. My sister is cooking food everyday for 28 people living between our house, my dad's and her house. Nicole and Shane left this morning from Houston with two utility trailers loaded down with food and supplies to replenish food for her to keep cooking and the families to begin cleaning up their homes. Love and Hugs, Gina & Rollie

  3. It is painful to watch the devastation from the heavy rain and flooding. The disruption this causes residents is unimagineable. It will take the utmost in courage and stamina to rebuild these communities.

    Good blog, Janna.


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