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Friday, August 12, 2016

Where We Live

We’ve been busy—yesterday we made a run to Billings for a routine doctor’s appointment and a Costco shopping trip.  Today I finally got all the accumulated dust bunnies (how does a house get dusty when all the doors and windows are shut and no one is coming or going for a month??) vacuumed and some general cleaning done.

It’s been a long time since I shared any photos of where we live:


DSCN2839On a walk with Emmi last evening I spotted this furry worm/caterpillar.  My Mom has said if the caterpillars are furry it’s going to be a hard winter?? 

It’s a bumper crop year for chokecherries—I don’t think I’ve ever seen the trees so heavy with fruit.  The cowboy has been hinting about picking some for jelly/syrup and I’ve not listened.  Today he wore me down and I sent him to pick cherries.  The cowboy doesn’t help much in the kitchen but he did today—we juiced the berries getting 25 cups of beautiful, deep red juice.  And then there was the mess—white sinks and red juice make for a very big mess!


This afternoon late after cleaning up all the chokecherry mess, we took a little RZR ride up Elk Creek near us. 

DSCN2841Not quite ripe.

IMG_5649Little big dog as Larry calls Emmi.

IMG_5655Youngster turkey.  There was a mama turkey with a bunch of babies but she and the babies scurried into the tall grass before I could get a shot.

I could swear fall is in the air—our mornings are cool, in the high 40’s and we’ve stayed under 80 degrees for several days now.  There’s just something in the air—fall is coming.


  1. Here in Ontario the subtle weather change generally begins taking place about the middle of August. Like you we too notice a change in the air as the early stirrings of Autumn begin to ruffle themselves across the land. It's always a great feeling and one I look forward to each and every year.

  2. That is a great view to wake up to everyday-at least in the summer:)

  3. My son's all time favorite pie is chokecherry, particularly those made by his grandmother. We planted some bushes here in central Oregon but usually get a late frost that does berries in. Derek would have chokecherry envy for sure!

  4. Such a wonderful place you live - we were green with envy the whole time we were in the area! Love hearing about those cooler temps :-) Emmi is so cute. Those berries are such a beautiful color - even in the sink.


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