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Friday, August 26, 2016

He Is Home

And we are so grateful.  Three months and one week after Mom’s husband Chuck suffered a cardiac arrest while visiting Mom’s sister in a hospital emergency room he went home today.  All the doctors told us if Chuck had suffered this episode anywhere but the emergency room he would probably not be with us today.  He received instant treatment and care which is probably why he is alive.  So Chuck—welcome home—we love you! 


I finished a customer quilt today and began working on another one.  Remember I showed you a photo of a rolling barn door the other day—Michael was building the hardward for such a door for our Arizona home.  Well, not only did he build the hardware, he built the door and it looks great!  He is one talented man!

We try to take an evening walk every day—exercise for us and the pooch.  Thursday evening we walked a little later than usual and sunset was stunning!


Life is good!


  1. Very, very good news!!! So happy for you all.

  2. If you are going to have an attack, the Er is the place to do it. Glad all is well.

  3. That's fantastic news. So glad he is doing good. Gorgeous sunset.

  4. That's fantastic news. So glad he is doing good. Gorgeous sunset.

  5. Wonderful to hear Chuck is able to return home! I don't think there's anything the cowboy can't build or fix. You're a lucky gal!! Stunning skies.

  6. More proof that "in life timing is everything" and "location, location, location" is relevant to more than real estate. Nice sunset also.

  7. So glad to hear Chuck is home:) Gorgeous sunset!! Now we need photos of Mike's handy work!


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