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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Another Trip To Blue Lake

The cowboy and I thought it was necessary to shown Elmer and Henrietta some of our beautiful country here in the Montana—Larry and Geri had seen Blue Lake once before and unfortunately remembered how rough the trail was getting there—they were game in spite of their memories! SmileAll of Friday’s photos were taken by Geri as this dummy left her camera at home on the kitchen counter with the GPS! 

Blue Lake is located in the Absaroka/Beartooth Wilderness—no ATVs allowed and the “parking lot” is about 200 yards from the lake—thus the hike so we could lunch by the lake.  Often when we’ve been to Blue Lake the mosquitoes are nasty—Friday we had none!  Awesome!! 


The next photo is for snow comparison—last winter our area of Montana received little snow and these two photos taken in early August show the difference in snow pack.

Blue Lake3Taken by me on my first trip to Blue Lake with Lonn and family--August 10, 2009

We hauled the ATVs to the Great Falls Creek trailhead, unloaded and headed up the Boulder.  Three hours of bouncing later we arrived at one of the most beautiful spots we’ve ever seen in all our travels.  And not a soul in sight—unusual in spite of the fact Blue Lake is so difficult to reach.  Before we were ready to go four young people arrived and as we traveled the trail down hill, we met several people on ATVs heading for the lake.




Today we all gathered in town for lunch before Michael and I went out to Nat’s for a visit.  Nat was very glad to see Emmi (and us too!) Winking smile


And one last photo of Blue Lake (just because I like this photo) taken in September, 2015 on a trip to Blue Lake with Gina and Rollie.

Fires are springing up all over Montana and Wyoming.  The Hamilton, Montana fire which stopped us from some of our planned ATV riding is now 8000 acres, has claimed 14 homes and two lives.  Today the news revealed this fire was started by an unattended campfire!!!!!  How incredibly awful! 


  1. The lake is beautiful:) Perfect lunch with a view stop:) It is so hard to believe that with all the fires every year, that there are still people who leave unattended fires.

  2. Such a beautiful spot, how fun to be able to get there and find it all yours :-)


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