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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fires Everywhere

DSCN2952Even though the smoke we were experiencing has disappeared it could certainly appear again!  The south entrance to Yellowstone Park is closed for a huge fire, there is a 22,000 acre fire in the northwest corner of Montana at Thompson Falls and there are many, many more fires in the west.  In 2006 when we were evacuated twice for approaching forest fires the fire people kept saying, “we need a fire stopping weather event.”  Well, Montana again needs a “fire stopping weather event.”

We took a quick trip to town this afternoon—Emmi needed her rabies vaccine and we needed to have a title notarized.  The cowboy was cooperative, letting me stop at the quilt shop, too!Smile

Back home Michael finished putting the CanAm back together.  We love our CanAm but it has one major problem for this menopausal woman—because the engine is in the middle between the seats a huge amount of heat is generated.  On colder days it’s a wonderful thing, on 85 degree days it’s miserable!  While in an Idaho campground our neighbor on one side was an ATVer with two                 4-wheelers on the back of his truck flatbed.  All our guys gathered around this guy’s truck as guys do—to talk.Smile

Somehow the talk turned to the CanAm heat issue.  This gentleman said the shop where he worked had solved that problem by installing a 12volt fan in front of the engine to blow cool air through and hot air out of the engine compartment.  He said it worked like a charm—so that’s what the cowboy has been doing—next hot day we will try out his work!

Seems as if this latest quilt is taking me a long, long time to finish—I guess I should be more patient, it is custom quilting!

Emmi was getting shaggy so much to her dismay it was bath and haircut time yesterday—much better!


Life is good!


  1. Sure hope the fan cools your ride! We certainly don't need added heat:) Wishing for a huge rain event to come your way!!

  2. I'm really worried the fires are going to dictate our route south this year. We want to go over to north Idaho and go south along the western side of Idaho. We'll have to see what it's like when it's time to leave Klsp. It's so great being married to a handy man. No more heat for you. But wishing us a lot of rain.

  3. We had the same problem with our 2 seat commander. I went on the Canam Commander forum, and there's a guy named Troy (who posts regularly, last I checked) who sells an insulated cover for the console between the seats. Solved our problem, here about an hour south of Jackson hole, WY. Worked wonders for us, installs with snaps in 20 minutes. I highly recommend it (and, no, I don't get a commission!!).

    The fire smoke here is awful from the fires in Teton, Yellowstone, and eastern Idaho.

  4. Montana and much of the west need rain to put out the fires, Louisiana and Iowa have more water than they know what to do with. It's really too bad that Mother Nature can't even things out a little.

  5. The fires are certainly impressive and very scary!


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