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Monday, August 1, 2016

Back In Montana

Summer in Montana means fire season and this year could be a bad one.  Temps are too hot, no rain and a dry wind makes for big forest fires.  Our plan was to leave Idaho Monday morning arriving in Darby, Montana on Tuesday afternoon to ride the Montana side of the Magruder Corridor on Wednesday.  This fire in Hamilton, Montana changed those plans!

So, this morning we headed up crooked Highway 12 out of Idaho, over Lolo Pass and into Montana.  We are camped for the night in a commercial park near Missoula, hopefully quieter than that park in Grangeville, Idaho located right on busy, busy Highway 95! 

We experienced culture shock today after being in the boonies for so long—the traffic in Missoula was atrocious as usual and the morons at the gas pumps in Bonner, Montana about sent me over the edge!  Half the pumps were out of service for repairs and the other half were occupied by people who weren’t concerned with the number of people waiting in line behind them!  GRRRRR

A couple more days of riding then home where I hope this truck camper and I part company!  We are the second owners of this 1999 Lance camper—the first owners FULL TIMED in this box—?????


  1. I hope that fire didn't come near Ned's restaurant. The best burger we've ever had.

  2. That video was something. I can't imagine living near one those fires. Heading east is always a shock to us with all the traffic and people.

  3. That fire video is absolutely incredible. Hope nobody got hurt and lost a house.

  4. That fire video is absolutely incredible. Hope nobody got hurt and lost a house.

  5. Watching that video scared the crap out of me! I can't imagine living close to that. Hope your fire season isn't horrendous where you're at.

  6. Hopefully those afternoon storms will be more water and less lightning! Five of our six sons live near the Sand Fire in SoCal and those videos are terrifying too. Hope you get a few more days of fun on your trip - and then home to your big bed and a real bathroom :-))))


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