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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Much Need Rain And Other

Thursday night it rained most of the night into Friday morning giving us one and a half inches of much needed rain.  Our temperatures went from the high 80’s to the high 60’s on Friday.  This morning it was a chilly 37 degrees here on August 20th!  Today has been a beautiful, sunny, cool one!


Just after Michael and I married a mining company started operations about nine miles up the road from us.  The neighborhood fought the mining company but of course couldn’t stop the process.  The neighborhood grass roots movement did force the mine to establish what is referred to as the “good neighbor agreement,” a legal document.  In the document the mine agrees to certain policies:  dust control on the gravel road, bussing of non-management personnel to control traffic, limiting semi/heavy duty type traffic to daylight hours, etc. 

As a result of this agreement we have one of the best maintained gravel roads in Montana!!  Our road is graded more often and the dust suppressant is applied frequently.  But oh my!! does that stuff ever make a mess on your vehicles!  The mine usually gives us a heads up when the magnesium chloride is scheduled for application and we stay home until it dries.  Rain makes the mixture very, very sticky!

The magnesium chloride was applied last Tuesday and we had a birthday party to attend—so we took the jeep as it’s our smallest rig to have to wash!  No other plans were in the works until the Can-Am dealer called saying our ATV was repaired.  So, off we went to Billings again Friday morning after the rain—geez, that’s been a long explanation for why Michael has spent a lot of time washing vehicles lately!! Smile


Some beautiful sunsets lately!


  1. The temp is supposed to get down to 47 degrees here in Nebraska tonight. Will have to close the windows or the furnace will be kicking in by morning. Way to early for that!!!

  2. Please push those cooler temps to the east - but you should keep the moisture!! Beautiful sunsets indeed - thanks for sharing :-)

  3. A high in the 60's sounds good to me! Low in the 30's not so much:)


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