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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Culture Shock And A Longarm Quilting Sale

I’m a southern girl, if you’ve ever heard me talk it’s obvious and I do love homegrown vegetables!  My family had big gardens and we ate well.  In spite of holding down full time jobs, Mom and Dad raised a huge garden as did my grandparents who lived close by.  My grandfather grew the best watermelons and sweet potatoes which he took to town to sell. 

In 1992 when I moved to Powell, Wyoming from Houston, Texas I went into culture shock—short growing season meant not very much produce.  My sweet Mom even overnight shipped a box of tomatoes to me in Wyoming my withdrawal was so acute!  When I purchased a house on eleven acres, I planted a garden and managed to grow a few tomatoes ending up with lots of green ones picked before the frost could get them.  In our neck of the woods, growing tomatoes without a greenhouse is possible but incredibly labor intensive—plant in pots, bring the plants inside every night or plant in the garden and cover them every night.  I did the “cover them every night” routine once—about the end of August we had a hard freeze and the tomatoes froze in spite of being covered!

Well—Friday I spotted a Facebook post written by a friend with a greenhouse—he would be at the farmer’s market Saturday morning with fresh tomatoes.  We were at the market before it even officially opened!


First fresh/real tomato I’ve had in a long time!!  Delicious!!!  Now, mind you, the cowboy doesn’t share my love of tomatoes—oh, well, that just means more for me!

Coyote Creek Quilting is having a sale.  I will longarm quilt any quilt, queen size (80x90) or smaller for $0.015 per square inch with an overall edge to edge meander. That means your queen size quilt will be quilted for about $100. There is a $50 minimum charge if you wish to use this sale to have a wall hanging quilted. This pricing does not include batting (which I sell for the same price as quilt shops) or the backing. I do have some neutral colored wide backs which I will discount 10% during this sale. Quilts must be longarm ready--pressed, threads snipped and the backing must be pieced if required. I only have time to quilt ten quilts--so contact me soon!!

Whew—what happened to our fall like weather—it was a hot one today!  I was in the nice and cool basement quilting but Michael was working outside.  It is so incredibly dry here—Michael retrieved our old flatbed feed truck, put the huge water tank on the flatbed, filled it with 250 gallons of water and connected a gas engine powered high volume pump to the tank—and now we have a fire engine of sorts.


  1. Remember when you could smell tomatoes. They don't taste like they used to. What I wouldn't give for a box of green tomatoes. I love fried green ones.

  2. I so understand how one can miss fresh vegetables. We seem to be traveling in areas with very weak produce offering until we got to Iowa. Finally, decent farmers market offering with lots of parking lot setups. I finally got some corn and it was excellent. We've had fresh tomatoes twice. This is only gardening I do miss.

    Such a good idea to have the "fire truck" ready in your area with it being so dry:)

  3. Fresh tomatoes and fresh eggs - two of my favorite foods! We're in farmland but not finding much fresh produce :-( Hope the fire truck won't be needed!

  4. Change of subject...have you heard from Rollie & Gina are they o.k. with all the flooding in Louisianna?
    Love your blog. We have had a long dry summer here in Ontario with some much needed rain today


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