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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Quilty Blog

Finally, it’s finished!  Several, many, who knows how many years ago my dear sister and niece sent me the pattern and fabric for making this Christmas quilt.  I pieced the quilt at one of our quilt retreats and the top went in the “to be finished” pile.  In the fall of 2015 I loaded the backing for the quilt and began trying out quilting ideas, time got away from me and the quilt top was back in the “to be finished” pile.  A couple weeks ago I vowed to finish this one if I didn’t finish anything else of my own this summer.  It’s done and it’s gorgeous!




I’ve finished two quilt tops for customers taking advantage of my “sale,” and delivered one today—she was very pleased.  The cowboy and I spent the afternoon in town and we retrieved two more quilt tops for quilting from Jeane.  I’m still determined to finish some more of my own projects too!

The forest fire smoke was disgusting today—ugh—we couldn’t even see the mountains.  Rain, rain, we need rain!

My dear brother in law, Danny has been pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church for 25 years—this is the church attended by members of my family forever—maybe not forever but for a long, long time!  Past and present members of the church held a celebration for Danny and my sister Ann this past Sunday in honor of this 25 years.  Danny and Ann—with their daughter Niki and her family. 


  1. You are SEW right!! Your quilt is gorgeous! Now doesn't that feel great to have that one ready to hang this Christmas!!! Yahoo!

  2. Wow! Such a great quilt! I love the quilting that was done on the door...neat effect. Make sure you share photos at Christmas to show us where you put it:)

    Beautiful family photo. Your sister could be your twin:)

  3. WOW! That is beautiful! Your quilting is gorgeous. Just as wonderful on the back as it is on the front.
    Congrats to your brother-in-law.

  4. You're so talented - that is a stunning piece of art! Love the window panes. I agree with Pam, would love to see it this Christmas. Congrats to the family on 25 years of service.

  5. Your Christmas quilt is so beautiful!


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