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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Five Generations

How many of you can say you knew your great grandparents?  Can any of you remember great, great grandparents?  I can vaguely remember both my great grandmothers but that’s it and Michael’s “greats” were not living when he was born. 

Nat at 94 now has two great, great grandchildren and if he lives long enough those two children will remember him—amazing!  Today we all gathered here at our house to take some photographs.  I teased Katie and Laci, telling them getting all the gang together in our family was like herding cats but we succeeded. 

Barb was kind enough to bring Nat from town and the rest of the gang traveled from Lonn’s on the West Boulder.  Before taking photos we enjoyed a fabulous lunch (even if I do say so myself!)—ribs, grilled pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, salad with poppy seed dressing and fresh green beans.

Grandpa Lonn and Lora                                   Barb and Brooks


DSCN3015Five generations—Nat, Michael, Lonn, Katie and Brooks.  Katie’s husband Michael is standing behind Lonn.

DSCN3020-001And another five generations—Nat, Michael, Lonn, Laci and Lora with John standing behind Lonn.



DSCN3043John is currently at home on leave from Korea with the USAF.  In February this little family will be leaving us heading to Germany and no, this Mimi didn’t get a vote!


After all that hard work sitting for photos it was dessert time—homemade ice cream—vanilla and chocolate/espresso!  Oh, my—I should have just skipped lunch and went straight to dessert!

It was a fabulous day spent with family—the best!  Life is very good!


  1. What a beautiful family you have!!

  2. Wow, what great memories you're creating ! Loved seeing your special family, enjoy every moment !!

  3. Wow, what great memories you're creating ! Loved seeing your special family, enjoy every moment !!

  4. Beautiful family pictures. I say that having a granddaughter's family going to Germany gives you & Michael a reason to visit Germany too.

  5. When my daughter was born we had 5 generations for 2 years. And she was a 1st child of a 1st child of a 1st child of a 1st child of a 1st child a 1st child. Wheeee. There may have been one more 1st in there but we can't prove it.

  6. How wonderful that you could all be together for such beautiful photos. I only knew one grandparent, my paternal grandfather was the only one remaining when I was born. My youngest did get a photo with his great-grandmother on his dad's side, which was special. Dinner sounds scrumptious!

  7. I did not have a chance to know my Greatgrand parents. Since our oldest grandchild is only nine, I would not we will ever me great grandparents . It is wonderful you have that in your family.


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