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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fall Weather Is Approaching

And none too soon as far as I’m concerned.  Since my internal thermostat went wacko I am very intolerant of the heat and it’s been dang hot around here the last few days—in the 90’s!  And remember, we don’t have air conditioning!  We open the doors and windows at night letting the cooler air circulate through the house.  In the mornings around 9am I shut the doors and windows—the house stays very cool until about 2pm when the southern sun starts to shine into the house.  By about 5pm, it’s HOT in here!  I’ve been tempted to purchase one of those portable air conditioners but we have so few really hot days in Montana it just isn’t justified.  Now, if I lived in Billings where it was boiling hot today, I would have to have air conditioning!

Tomorrow is our last warm day then we are heading in to a long stretch of 50’s and 60’s—heavenly!

Today we made a Billings run—I had a dentist appointment which was a rude awakening!  I needed a cleaning plus it was way past time for a full set of x-rays.  Seems I need some dental work as in a LOT of dental work meaning a LOT of $$$$$$$!! Sad smile

In Nat’s home there is a walk in shower in the master bath and a tub/shower combo in the guest bath.  His companion, Barb, uses the master bedroom suite and Nat decided it would be safer for him if another walk in shower was installed in the guest bath for his use.    The cowboy, aka his son, will be the carpenter/plumber, etc.  So—Amazon to the rescue!  Michael ordered the shower enclosure from Amazon Prime on August 19 with the understanding that shipping/handling might take an additional 2-3 days longer than the usual Prime 2 day shipping.  It’s a large package weighing almost 300lbs and was sent by a freight carrier, not UPS.  The original carrier turned it over to a local small time carrier in Billings.  They received the package on Monday and still haven’t delivered it.  So yesterday and today I rattled cages—the shower enclosure will be delivered tomorrow morning and Amazon issued a $75 credit to our account for the inconvenience!  That’s another reason why I love shopping with Amazon!

Wednesday evening we traveled to Livingston to have dinner with Sarge and Sarah at the Rib and Chop House.  The owners of this Wyoming/Montana chain of restaurants are Baton Rouge natives—where all the massive flooding has occurred.  On August 31, the owners of these fabulous, incredibly busy restaurants donated 25% of their sales to the Baton Rouge, Louisiana clean up effort.  We had a marvelous meal and great conversation!  Thanks Sarah for the tomatoes—they are delicious!

DSCN2998DSCN2982The forest fire smoke creates some beautiful sunsets!


  1. Since we're in boiling hot Billings I, too, can hardly wait for the cold front to come through. Have you thought about Mexico for your dental work?

  2. I am afraid here in FL, it will be awhile yet for fall like weather-some years it never comes:(

  3. I was going to suggest Mexico as well (for the dental work). Most border towns have excellent dental care places.


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