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Monday, November 16, 2015


OK, let’s look at this photo again—no, it has nothing to do with the cowboy’s ugly hat—it’s still ugly.  Sharon from the Odd Essay got it on the first try—Emmi is sitting in Michael’s lap—in a restaurant!!  When the gang headed out for an ATV ride, this crew didn’t get the message we would be dining in Yarnell—we packed a lunch as usual and took Emmi as usual—when we realized dining in a restaurant was on the agenda, we had a dilemma.  We were afraid to leave Emmi leashed to the rig (something we’ve never done)—the street running through Yarnell is way too busy for that.  So—I thought, what the heck, I will just ask if Emmi can come in with us—they said yes—you gotta love small town USA!  They tucked us away in a back room and we were good to go. 


The kitchen is taking shape and I’ve started painting—I just may have a working kitchen by Thanksgiving??? Winking smileHelp arrived today in the form of Barry and Geri—Barry came to help Michael with cabinets and Geri came to help me paint—now those are good friends!!!  I painted the kitchen/sunroom ceilings yesterday and today Geri and I quickly had all the kitchen/sunroom walls painted with the exception of the accent wall—need to buy paint for that one.  I used an off white on the ceilings and a mushroom risotto (who comes up with these names??)—a light taupe color on the walls—it looks great. 

Tonight all the lower cabinets are installed with the exception of the one which goes to the left of the range—tomorrow.  The dishwasher is washing away as I type—we are making sure it works before we attempt to sell the old one at the North Ranch garage sale on Saturday. 



Our friend John posted this on Facebook:  “I think I found the guy who originally owned that Stetson you got Mike”  Yep, John, I think you are correct!


  1. I still think the hat looks different. Micheal must have punched down the top and put some side creases in it to make it look different than Hoss' hat. ;)

  2. Agreed. Small town establishments are more relaxed on rules such as leaving the pup outdoors.

    The renos are looking great. And the great room will look awesome too.

  3. How nice that Emmi was able to join you:) You certainly couldn't leave her outside alone!!

    Love the new kitchen so far. You have a great open space:)

  4. How exciting to see your kitchen in progress. Kitchens are important to us gals.
    Enjoying the pictures!

  5. I think it is a really cool hat --It has lots of Character!! Just like the guy wearing it!!

  6. What a lovely kitchen you will have - and HUGE! As for the photo... yes.. small towns are the best... they understand a doggy dilemma. I bet nobody else guessed what was strange because they just took it for granted that Emmi was welcome ;-)

  7. Loving how everything is coming together - it will a new home very soon! Bet the sound of that dishwasher running was music to your ears :-) It's going to be wonderful cooking in that kitchen with the view out those big windows. Yes, a painting friend is a good one to keep.


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