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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Free Dump

Yep, here goes another post about going to the dump (it’s been a couple slow blog material days)! SmileIn the spring and fall for three days on two consecutive weekends the Congress landfill allows residents to dispose of just about anything for free!  As we have been in demolition mode around here we’ve generated a lot of free! 

We have two large pine trees in the front yard—while the house sat unoccupied, the trees were not getting water and had lots of dead branches and dead pine needles.  I attacked the two trees yesterday and generated a lot more free!  The trees look so much better now!

Michael has been up to his eyeballs in mud—sheetrock mud that is—he’s been hanging sheetrock and then mudding.  He told me tonight I better be thinking about paint colors!

Friday evening we joined Joe and Kathy plus Fred and Nancy at Larry and Geri’s for happy hour—they’ve erected the Biltmore (their big white tent) again so we were toasty warm on a cool evening!  Tonight we traveled a couple streets over to Jim and Ellie’s for happy hour.

Today we had some friends arrive—actually I don’t think I’ve seen this friend since we graduated high school!  Barry and his wife Donna arrived today and are parked on Larry and Geri’s vacant lot—Barry hasn’t changed much—maybe a little less hair but still the same.  It was good to see him and to meet his wife Donna plus their two pooches—Pacer—a blue healer and Parker, a little tiny ball of fire one year old poodle. 

I will leave you with some Lora and Laci photos:

Oh, and the wind was just right today—we arrived at Larry and Geri’s this morning just as the homemade cinnamon rolls were coming out of the oven!!!  Delicious!

Oh, and photo of John too—our granddaughter Katie took this photo—I loved it!


  1. OMGosh! Cute pictures!! What a lovely family! Get out the frame!

  2. The photos...too cute! My little 1 year old great was Peter Pan! We made a couple of trips to the dump too this is actually exciting for those of us who are building or re-modeling....ha!...saves lots of money!

  3. Lovely family! And such cute Halloween get-ups!

  4. I laughed when I saw the title to your blog. Quips were racing through my mind! Love your photos.

  5. Given all the work you're doing, free dump is a very big deal! Adorable pics :-))))))


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