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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Is The Cowboy Ill

DSCN1829Can you believe the cowboy hired a contractor???  I’m thinking I should take his temperature!!  He didn’t think he wanted to learn stuccoing at his age and hired a contractor recommended by the Bayfield Bunch.  Very personable guy, reasonable and is doing what we think is a good job. 

Michael spent the day reconstructing cabinets—the upper cabinets are requiring a lot more demolition and re-making than did the lower ones.  He’s almost ready to hang an upper section. 

Some times I wonder what in the world I did in a day—today was one of those days.  I seemed to be going in circles all day—I made a pot of chili and a recipe from Facebook that was a dud—Apple Cinnamon Bread.  The coffeecake type bread was kind of blah. 

I did a little touchup painting in the house and prepped another section, the living room—removing switch plates and taping.  Mid-afternoon I went up to the clubhouse to speak with the activities director—we are going to start a yoga group and wonder of wonders—I am going to be the teacher!  I try to make myself practice yoga at home but I need the incentive and encouragement of a group—so I am starting one.

So—I guess I was productive! Smile

Sunrise in Arizona Wednesday morning.



  1. Are you using a DVD for your yoga class or do you make it up yourself? I wish we had a class at our winter RV park...but I sure can't lead one.

  2. Be sure to say 'Hello' to Dobe for us:))

  3. I must be a basket case, as I am always looking for someone else to do the work:)

  4. You should be too exhausted to be seeing the sunrise:) But it was beautiful!

  5. You're contributing to the economy of your little neighborhood - that's a good reason to hire the contractor (in case you need another "excuse"). Sounds like you got a lot done while circling the coop - maybe I'll try that method for motivation :-) Your sunrise is lovely, I can't wait to get to the desert!!

    1. Jodee, I couldn't agree more! If you are financially able, it is great to hire local talent and contribute to the economy of your neighborhood. Everyone benefits.

      Janna, good for you to start a yoga group! I'm sure it will be much appreciated.

  6. Hiring a subcontractor makes Mike the general contractor; or is that you Janna? LOL
    Nice progress with the renovations. And nice photos too.


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