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Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Niki, Visitors and A Rattlesnake

We won’t say how many years old my sweet niece is today but I will say we both celebrated momentous birthdays in 2015!!  Niki is my sister Ann and her husband Danny’s only child.  Niki was our only niece/nephew or grandchild for almost 19 years before my brother and his wife had two sons—so she remains my only niece and is a very special girl—I just can’t call her a woman!  Niki and her husband Eric have two beautiful daughters of their own plus they are active foster parents—at the present time caring for an infant foster child in spite of the fact they both hold full time jobs.

Niki followed in my foot steps and is a registered nurse—she worked in home health for years and was so loved by her many patients.  She is very active in the church her dad pastors and is a much loved member of the community.  

So, happy birthday sweet Niki, we love you!

Look who came to visit and no, the desert hasn’t gotten lush and green—old photo taken on the coast of Oregon!

IMG_8097Nina and Paul have been in Prescott and decided to travel down the hill and spend a couple days in the North Ranch RV park.  They are traveling with Paul’s dad, Armando and his wife Ana.  Last night they all joined us for dinner—it was great to once again see these guys and we had a wonderful meal.  This afternoon we stopped by their rig for a little happy hour and to say goodbye—they are heading out tomorrow. 

IMG_3665Nina and Paul’s dog Polly—she is mesmerized by a rabbit in the desert.

Today we headed out with the gang for an ATV ride to Yarnell for lunch—Joe and Kathy had to try out their new rig!!


IMG_3672Notice anything strange in this photo??





Just out of Yarnell on the way back Larry is stopped and gesturing at something in the road.  As we near, he tells us to get the camera.  It was very cool up in Yarnell, we were all wearing jackets, gloves and hats—why is a rattlesnake out in weather that cool???  He slithered backwards keeping his eyes on us constantly while we took photos.  ICK!!!


So, we are still busy—Michael is sheetrocking, I’ve been doing the regular, mundane chores in addition to all the socializing we’ve been doing!  Life is good!


  1. Great shot of the snake! And... I'm still looking for whatever's strange in that picture... I'm sure sharper eyes than mine will detect it.... (doesn't everyone have a dog sitting on their lap at the table?)

  2. OMG!! SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Niki! How fun to meet up with Nina and Paul and Polly again :-)))) Love the snake, he's a real beauty. Must have been laying out in the warmth of the sun on the rocks, but it does sound like it's too cold for them to still be out.

  4. I noticed the different hat right off, but maybe Mike just did a little remedial shaping.

  5. Just wanted to say hi! We are Rick and JoAnne Morgan of We are sometime bloggers and RVing "friends" of Nina and Paul. We spent a couple of weeks at North Ranch in November and will be back for a month in late January - Perhpas we can say "hi" in person.



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