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Friday, November 13, 2015

A Day Off

We both worked so hard Thursday we had to take a day off today—Michael worked inside the house, he is almost finished with the drywall work.  I worked outside all day—I dug holes to China!  There were two Bougainvillea plants in the front yard next to the porch—they have major thorns—we are talking daggers and they have a major root system!  I moved those to the back yard.  There was a tiny/sickly palm tree on the north side of the house which never saw sunshine—I moved him to the front yard.  Plus I finished burying all the watering system pipe—whew—I could hardly put one foot in the front of the other by dinner time.

Barry and Donna purchased a CanAm and today we along with Larry and Geri plus Fred and Nancy took them on an inaugural ride.  And it was a new ride for Michael and me, too.  We went to the top of Round Mountain.  Three hundred and sixty degree views!!  The ATV gang had always told us Round Mountain was a tough trip due to the “steps” near the top—rocky ledges which can make for difficult riding.  The cowboy wanted to go so Larry tells him, “put it in low range, four wheel drive and go.”  Thanks Larry!! Winking smileWhen we reached the top my first words were, “that wasn’t bad at all.”  We phoned down to the rest of the gang (yep, we travel high tech!) and told them, “piece of cake.”  Larry and Geri plus Fred and Nancy had been to the top in the past and said the road was in much better shape this year—lucky us!

IMG_3697IMG_3704Even though it was only 11am we decided to have lunch—lunch with a view for sure!


Back down the hill and off to the river—the Hassayampa River flows above ground then disappears underground—resurfacing at different spots.  We were going to go up river to see how much water was flowing but after watching a young couple almost bury a 4-wheeler in the mud and water we decided maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.  Larry had thoughts of trying to make it through but-----

IMG_3740changed his mind!IMG_3741

It was a great day of riding.  We all gathered later at the Biltmore tent for pizza, conversation and laughter.  Life is good!


  1. We considered trying to take the Jeep up Round Mountain last winter but decided against it when we got there & seen the rocky narrow path leading up. We did walk a little ways though.

  2. I can't wait for before and after photos of the house. Sure sounds like too much work for me:) Glad you took a day off for fun!!

  3. Enjoyed the update on your house and yard......maybe some pictures
    soon ?
    Your a hard working duo!

  4. Bougainvillea is brutal to work with - and so beautiful when in bloom!! Hope you don't have much more of that to move :-( Looks like such a great time for the gang up that hill - and always good to see water in the desert!!


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