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Saturday, November 28, 2015


Well, we have gone from decorated for Thanksgiving to decorated for Christmas with a few Christmas things we brought from Montana and my bargain Christmas tree.  The tree is tall and skinny which fits into our space nicely and all the lights worked—pretty good for a $20 yard sale tree!!

DSCN1837The previous owners of this house left two early American style dining tables and six chairs—the tables are in tough shape and need refinishing but are structurally good. 

Friday I puttered inside and Michael puttered outside in the garage.  No black Friday shopping for us—it’s probably been 25 years since I’ve been black Friday shopping and that’s a good thing!

Today we were puttering again when Joe called and suggested an ATV ride.  Friends Sandy and Tom have a new RZR and were anxious to get out for a ride—of course, off we went!

IMG_3855IMG_3856As you can see by our attire, it was a little nippy out there today.  I have to keep reminding myself—it is winter, even in Arizona but at least it isn’t minus 7 as its been in Montana!  In that respect, we are really enjoying our house—as all you RVers know, it can be hard to keep one of our “tin tee pees” warm when the temperatures drop—our heat pump keeps us toasty warm in the house and it is very quiet!

Back home some of the ATV gang joined us for leftover pie and ice cream before heading for their respective homes.  Michael had a burst of energy and decided to hang a set of upper cabinets he had finished earlier—the kitchen is really looking great!!!

I will leave you with some photos of the cutest great-grandbaby!


  1. Cutest grandbaby - definitely. House is coming along nicely - I kind of like puttering. I do a lot of that.

  2. OMGosh...your GGB is getting cuter and cuter with each passing day! Love your quilts hanging! Looking very festive!

  3. Yes, that is the most adorable great grand baby:) I love the little jeans and that cute hat:)

  4. Nice perspective in that photo... love the tree in the background. And... of course I love the shot of that bundled up g-grandbaby!

  5. Love the quilt. Perfect tree. Adorable grandbaby.

  6. I bet the cowboy is pleased he didn't have to troubleshoot the lights on that big tree! And it looks like if fits perfect in your new space :-) I used to wear ski bibs in the dune buggy to keep the tops of my legs warm this time of year - they were wonderful. Not a baby anymore, she's just adorable in her little hat!!


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