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Friday, November 20, 2015

Crested Saguaros And An Arch

Thursday saw the cowboy working on our Arizona ATV trailer—we had a ride scheduled and the trailer needed re-working to carry the side by side versus the 4-wheelers we used last year.  I partially painted the living room ceiling.  In the evening we headed over to Larry and Geri’s for happy hour to discuss the ride logistics.

We turned off the highway at Morristown and drove out to a staging area on the Hassayampa River.  Larry and Geri were our leaders and we were joined by Fred, Nancy, Joe, Kathy, Barry and Donna.  Emmi and Parker came along too.  Emmi has her nose a little out of joint since Parker (a tiny one year old male poodle) joined the group—Emmi’s not the only kid on the block now. Smile

It was an absolutely beautiful day—perfect temps and sunny, blue skies.  Saguaros by the thousands dot the red rock hillsides joined by thousands of those nasty cholla cactus.  The trails were nice—not too challenging—just pleasant riding. IMG_3752IMG_3755

We spotted these two crested saguaros just about 100 yards off the trail—spectacular!!!


The above crested saguaro is one of the largest we’ve ever seen.


IMG_3787IMG_3792This one was strange but cool!


Back on the trail heading toward the staging area we spotted an arch off in the distance then discovered a trail leading right to the arch.



I would say we had quite the spectacular day!


Barry and Donna headed home to see after their elderly pooch, Pacer, leaving the rest of us to ride a little longer then head to the Tasty Freeze in Wickenburg for a little supper and ice cream.

Life is good!


  1. Ha....I thought you decided on an arch for the house....

  2. I love the two crested saguaro, especially the second one. I love when there is a crested arm. Would you send me an email and give me some more details to find this trail. I love the arch, as well! Fun day for sure:)

  3. Definitely a wonderful day! The cresteds are beautiful - one so big and the other so unique - great find :-) That arch looks really "deep" - very cool! Poor Emmi having to share the spotlight......Tessa definitely feels her pain :-))))

  4. Great photos to show off a beautiful day in the desert. Those crested saguaros are beautiful.

  5. Those cactus are fascinating.... looks like a great ride to me!

  6. Great shots of the cactus, they are amazing plants.


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