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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Manual Labor

Manual labor makes a person sore especially when you are using this instrument of torture!!--

DSCN1797I dug about a ninety foot trench with this nasty tool today—thank goodness the trench did not have to be Montana deep, only Arizona deep—for a plant watering system.  I had a little helper:


It was a very cool/cloudy/spitting rain kind of day—I dodged rain storms for most of the day and took a break this afternoon to become a patient of the local medical clinic in Congress.  Some of the hospitals I visit as part of my job require that I have a TB skin test—the test is done yearly and mine expired so off I went.  What a process—I think I answered questions on eight different sheets of paper before I was finished then had to confirm my answers with the nurse.  Bleah!!

Todays’ storms made for some beautiful skies--



The cowboy worked in the kitchen—my now non-existent kitchen—he’s finished with the demolition and is starting to put things back together. 


  1. It's amazing how much work one of those little torture tools can do. :O)

  2. Using a pick is never fun. Can't imagine swinging one for 90 feet, anymore. Went for a flu shot, Monday. Paperwork took much longer than anything else.:-(

  3. Ahhhh, fun work! LOL at Arizona deep :-). Beautiful skies, can't wait to return to the desert.

  4. That trench project is bull work. There is no need for you to join a fitness club. It will all pay off though.

  5. Love the title of this post - Manual Labor -- I always tease Don about my last name --When we got married I thought my last name would be Manuel -- Not Manuel Labor--- But I got back at him I bought him a mattock for his anniversary....looks like you are making progress - cant wait to see the finished product..Hi to Jim and Ellie and all the gang!!


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