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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First Night In House

Monday morning early saw us leaving Ms. Emmi with Larry and Geri—we were headed to Prescott on a counter top fact finding mission plus a Costco run.  Rarely do we go six weeks between Costco trips but we left Montana on October 8 and haven’t been near a Costco since!  We both almost fainted when the guy told us our total and that was one full jeep!!

At North Ranch we retrieved Emmi, unloaded the jeep and put our feet up—whew—whether it’s 60 miles or 100 miles for a shopping trip—it’s exhausting!

Today we hit the ground running—our goal was to spend Tuesday night in our house and that’s what we are doing.  Michael arranged some improvised counter tops using the old cabinet doors plus today he temporarily installed the sink (he only turned the air blue once!).  So, we are all set for Thanksgiving—we have a complete kitchen!

DSCN1834There are still more upper cabinets to install plus both the upper and lower cabinets to the left of the stove.  For now we are keeping the refrigerator but I am going to paint it black when things slow down a little. 

We made a quick run to Wickenburg this morning for plumbing supplies and last minute groceries.  I spent the rest of the day cleaning/vacuuming/moving.  The bed is made and we are sleeping in our new house tonight.


Life is good! 


  1. Congratulations!!!! What an exciting move!

  2. Wahoo!! I'm sure that felt very good!

    Good luck with all your dinner guests for Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving:)

  3. What a cozy looking home you have. Enjoy! Becki

  4. What a cozy looking home you have. Enjoy! Becki

  5. Moving into your home must have felt great. Job well done on the renovation. The kitchen looks great.

  6. Love the paint color. It all looks so bright and open! How sweet a reward to be sleeping in the new home.

  7. Never realized that you were staying in the motorhome during all your construction. Congratulations on your move in. :)

  8. So happy for you both !! Understand your trials !! Happy Thanksgiving and keep your stories and pictures coming ! We all enjoy them , Thank You !

  9. What a blessing to be in your desert nest ! It looks so nice.
    You both are talented workers, what a team. Think of the money you
    have saved. Enjoyed your pictures.


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