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Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Desert Tour

Who turned off our heat???  Holy, moly—it was chilly Wednesday and today.  Wednesday it spit rain and while we were in Cave Creek it rained buckets full!  We’ve had the electric heater running and we even fired up the “dragon” this morning—our hydronic hot water heat system is diesel powered and it’s loud—our neighbors probably think a jet engine is firing up next door!!  We have a blue flame propane heater but unfortunately it has started to physically irritate the cowboy—it gives him a raging headache when it is operating. 

Michael started mudding sheetrock—a task he despises!!  Our house in Montana has no sheetrock by design!!  Sanding sheetrock makes for lots and lots of dust!!!

When Gina and Rollie departed North Ranch, they left their little Artic Cat side by side parked under Jim and Ellie’s carport with instructions, “use it!”  So today we along with Larry and Geri took Jim and Ellie to Box Canyon on the Hassayampa River.  It was a chilly but beautiful day and I think Jim and Ellie thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

IMG_3644Last minute instructions from the “trail boss.”


Wednesday afternoon we made a quick, spur of the moment decision traveling to Cave Creek (about an hour from here) to buy some used appliances.  The appliances in the house are white—ugh—so we purchased a set of really nice black ones and Michael did a little Lowe’s shopping while I kept Emmi company in the jeep.  I know stainless steel is the “in thing” but I had stainless steel in our Montana home when we built it—I despised the stuff—so hard to keep clean!!

On the way to Cave Creek we were passed by Ford pickup pulling a four horse aluminum living quarters horse trailer with Saskatchewan  plates.  When he pulled back in front of us I said to Michael, “he doesn’t have a rear tire.”  And he didn’t—he was missing the rear tire of his tandem axle, only the rim was there!  We gathered speed in the little jeep, pedaling faster, and came up alongside the guy.  I rolled my window down and gestured to him that he had a problem and he understood immediately, pulling over on the shoulder.  Hope he had a spare and didn’t have to unload any horses!

Life is good in the Arizona desert!


  1. Must be an interesting story on how he loss the tire:)

  2. I wonder how black appliances will work out. I would think them hard to keep looking good. Hope you give us an update on that after using for awhile.

    1. I have black appliances in my Montana home Vera and love them--they aren't hard to keep clean, not nearly as hard as that stainless steel stuff I had before!!

  3. Mudding and sanding sheetrock is the worst! I did our family room when our house was built 25 years ago. Never again!! I still can't believe I did a double room AND a flat ceiling! But it did turn out great.

    Sounds like some fun adventures:)

    So glad you caught the tire problem for that fellow. That could have been a disaster!

  4. Our kitchen sink needs replaced... been considering stainless... your opinion makes me wonder if that's what I really want.....

  5. Glad some playing is happening with all that work going on! Sounds like the desert is going to be very green this spring :-). No Bueno changing a tire when horses are loaded but a good thing you flagged him down!

  6. I have stainless and hate it. It always looks smudged. You can't just wipe it off like the black or white, you have to use some stainless cleaner. It also feels like an institution.

  7. Interesting opinion on stainless appliances. We have been talking about replacing our with stainless. Maybe we need to think that through a bit more.

    I bet that Saskatchewanite was thrilled that you rushed forward to pint out the missing tire on his horese trailer. Nice!

  8. I am with the Cowboy when it comes to sheetrock. Hate that stuff, hate the dust.


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