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Friday, October 30, 2015

Beautiful Weather And Demolition

Yes, we are enjoying fantastic weather here at North Ranch—yesterday the clouds built, the wind blew and the rain bypassed us but the temperatures hovered right at seventy degrees all day.  The wind howled again early this morning rattling the window awnings and waking the cowboy. 


Michael was on the move early—he was awake, might as well get to work—and began removing the old cabinets in the house.  After Emmi and I took a walk I too was in working mode.  As we were removing the tile black splash—that was hard!—we talked about design ideas.  We asked Larry and Geri to come over for design advice.  The kitchen is separated from the small room where we installed the big window by a wall with a pass through/serving small window.  That wall blocked any view you might have from the kitchen—you can see the little pass through window to the left of the doorway.  We removed all the cabinets on that wall and we removed the wall—WHEW—what a job!!!  Now we have this wide open kitchen/living/dining area with a view!


[DSCN0697%255B3%255D.jpg]This photo was taken before we did anything—the wall to the right of the two dining chairs is gone as you can see in the first photo.

I had planned to take some photos this afternoon but time got away from us—we were going to dinner with Larry, Geri, Fred and Nancy—and by the time we cleaned up all the mess it was time to shower. 

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner in Wickenburg—it was good to be back with some of the gang again!  Emmi held the fort at home with the radio for company. Smile

Every night and sometimes even during the day the coyotes are serenading us—loudly—I would prefer they sing at some other time than 3am!!  We’ve always heard coyotes when staying here but this year they are exceptionally noisy! 

Hard to believe tomorrow is the last day of October—


  1. Good choice removing that wall. Sure makes the place look a lot larger.

  2. You sure opened up that room... looks great! And... I know, I know... but I'd love to hear those coyotes howl...

  3. We could send you a few wolves and that would keep the coyotes quiet.

  4. House is looking good. Tell the gang hello from me.

  5. Amazing the difference removing a small wall can make. Keep the pictures coming.

  6. Looking good. Take plenty of before and after pictures. It's always nice to look back and say "we did that".

  7. Major renovations! But I can see why you are moving walls. Open spaces are so much nicer.

  8. It's coming together quickly (more so for your readers than for you doing all the work) and looking great. I'd want to see that view from every room possible too!


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