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Thursday, October 22, 2015

It’s Good To Be Back At North Ranch

Last spring we purchased this lot and house right before heading back to Montana for the summer.  We were quite pleased with our purchase but looked forward to getting back this fall to start the remodel.  The house is oddly built with some real quirks—we are removing some of those quirks and working around others.  For some strange reason, the house has very small windows set high into the walls—if you are sitting in a chair, you can’t see out and we have a lovely view. 

So, the cowboy was a one man demolition crew while I was in California—we are removing a whole wall of those tiny windows and replacing it with a bank of huge windows so we can see out over the desert to the mountains. 

Ms. Emmi was very glad to see me when I rolled in this morning—getting home from the airport was a whole lot easier than getting to the airport on Monday—holy smokes, Phoenix has some nasty traffic!!!  I managed to find the jeep in the parking garage without any problems and the trip back to North Ranch was without incident!

Rollie and Gina along with Larry and Geri took a trip out into the desert today—with all the rain we’ve had (over two inches probably) their rigs were a touch muddy as were the people! 

Nothing much going on here today—we made a dump run and went to the post office to make sure our mailbox was still active.  Larry and Geri joined us for a quick happy hour and now we are relaxing—I feel my bed calling me—I had some late hours in California!


20151019_132737This is the dry wash behind Jim and Ellie’s home—it was a raging torrent on Monday after the monsoon roared through.


  1. Hmm...strange about the windows. maybe the people didn't want anyone looking in....or maybe they were living there year round and wanted to be cool. either way, a large bank of windows sounds fabulous!

  2. Phoenix traffic has always been bad, but the last 10 years, it has been downright terrible. It's confusing and some of those drivers have perfected the Phoenix-specific lane changes: Go immediately to the lane you want. Don't slow down, turn on your signal or wait until the car already there can let you in.

    Scary place, that.

  3. I love big windows and lot's of that Arizona sunshine come through them.

  4. I can't wait to see those new picture windows. You have to wonder what the previous owners were thinking!

  5. Tiny windows keep the heat out for those who lived there year-round. My dad's house in Quartzsite was the same way. Now that we have dual and triple pane windows, having larger ones makes for wonderful views from inside! Looks like there's be some green in the desert again this summer - that's quite the torrent in the "dry" creek :-))))

  6. Exactly like Jodee said. Houses in the south have small windows for a good reason - if they are lived in year-round. One can see that a lot in Mexico.


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